Ultimate Guide to the Dress Wholesale Market

Wholesaling refers to the sale of goods in large quantities at reduced prices for resale by the retailer. This has become an increasingly huge market in the USA. Through a google search, you will run into a ton of websites for wholesale women’s dresses from USA companies and manufacturers of all things fashion and trends, that range from maxi, bridal, prom, sun and cocktail dresses to official gowns. The market has become so competitive, company websites are riddled with offers ranging from discounts on the wholesale prices of 25 % up to 50%, domestic free shipping and 10% off on the first order. These online sites have managed to create a huge virtual market where hundreds of vendors and designers, both new and established, can sell huge stocks of their dresses in different designs, quality, sizes, price ranges and colors. In addition, the endless stream of new designs is also refreshed on a week to week basis. Some websites also include weekly top picks made by hiring image consultants and stylists in order to help the buyers in making the ultimate dress choice when they are ordered.

Choice of site is therefore mostly dependent on interest, whether one is looking to either buy or sell.

For buyers, large national retailers are known to buy directly from the manufacturer whereas small retail stores purchase from distributors representing the different brands such as the online sites discussed above that act as a virtual market. Another thing that one must watch out for is overstock and closeout items from distributors.

For any newbies in the market wishing to learn more, other accelerated processes include attending fashion trade shows which are held annually, for example, the one in Las Vegas and fashion showrooms in addition to online shopping. It is important to note that before starting the purchase process, you should have a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and present it to the sales representative in order to be exempted from paying taxes, thus ensuring that you get better revenues in profit. Also, make sure to ask about the companies return policy, in case you encounter any complications. All in all, it is advisable that you take your time to choose the best supplier depending on your criteria of requirements you would wish for. This guarantees satisfaction on your end.

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