Tips on How to Succeed in Wholesale Clothing Business

Wholesale acts as an intermediary channel that connects producers and retailers. Steps to becoming a successful wholesaler especially in the clothing business can be a bumpy one. The first one year involves a lot of heartbreaking experiences with a few lessons learnt. What solely matters is how you pick up again. With the help of these simple tips, you will be on the verge of running a successful wholesale clothing business.

Avoid overextending Credit

While allowing your customer to secure your products is good for good customer relations, overextending it can be a disaster for your wholesale clothing business. A customer who buys too much on credit can leave you overexposed. Another scenario involves a customer who wants overextended payment terms yet the manufacturers are demanding payments on the other end. The solution is to be conscious of checking credit references and also set credit limits for your customers.

Hire the Right Sales Representatives

Getting the right sales representative equipped with the relevant skills and ample knowledge of the clothing products will boost sales volume. You need to give the sales rep what they need such as record sales and a list of clients to add value to their sales conversions.

Boost Customer Service

Today’s wholesale dress market is very competitive. More focus on customer service and less on price can make a huge difference when it comes to sales volume. Statistics has it that those wholesalers that put more focus on quality customer service based on a modern and convenient experience get more returns.


Speed up Your services

Speaking of this, you need to speed up order fulfillment. You need to set a clear benchmark for others to follow when it comes to time the products takes to reach the client. The timeframe should not be more than 30 hours for local customers and 72 hours for clients living far away. The best way to speed things up in your store is to digitize everything.

Focus on building Long-term relationships.

Building long term relationships apply to both customers and the manufacturer. Fashion is very dynamic and fragile. Being out on your own is the worst thing you can ever do. Keeping good relations helps you to be abreast with the changes in customer purchase tastes and preferences. You can also benefit from incentives and lucrative deals from the manufacturers. Prioritize good customer service, speedy order fulfillment and adding value in sales conversion to build strong relationships.

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