​Progress Nipping at Your Heels: Trendsetting in the Women’s Wholesale Shoe Market

High heel shoes have been the very embodiment of women’s fashion since at least the 1940s. Although there have been fluctuations in the popularity of stilettos and their many chic cousins, the association of these shoes with beauty and sex appeal guarantees they will never stay out of favor for long. Indeed, footwear today is viewed as the strongest driving force in women’s fashion trends, with heels at the pinnacle of the power rankings. A change of just a centimeter in how high those thin-strapped beauties rise off the ground is enough to make the entire fashion world sit up and take notice. For those in the wholesale women’s heels business, staying ahead of those trends means everything.

There are numerous websites claiming to offer wholesale prices on women’s shoes, but many of those companies are simply offering discount footwear for consumers. True wholesale is the selling of large quantities of goods to retailers for resale, or to business clients for commercial use. Traditionally, purchasers needed a license certifying their qualification to buy goods at wholesale prices. That requirement, however, has begun to fade away as the wholesale women’s heels market has moved online. Most wholesale footwear sellers will now sell to anyone who can purchase shoes in sufficient quantities. Obviously, such a purchaser would generally represent a retail store. In theory, however, if a sufficient number of consumers formed a buying collective, they could gain access to true wholesale markets, revolutionizing the entire apparel industry.

For the present, however, the wholesale market still centers on supplying goods to retail stores. Where women’s fashions are concerned, that reality poses a great challenge for wholesale companies. The lag time between a sale to a retailer and the shoes actually hitting the store shelves means that in the world of women’s heels, wholesale distributors must always be planning months ahead of the fashion curve. Coming to the game late is a recipe for failure. Successful high-volume distributors can turn an observation of what is on women’s feet today into a prediction of what will be there tomorrow. Better still, the very best wholesale shoe sellers find ways to create and drive the trends, guaranteeing that their latest model will be next season’s must-have addition to every woman’s shoe closet.

The champions of the wholesale market are thus easily spotted at all the hottest fashion shows around the world. They are working every angle to make sure their latest pumps are prominently on display on the catwalk. And if a selling agent sees an unfamiliar high-heeled style creating a stir, a phone call will be placed to headquarters within seconds. The company’s best representatives will launch into action to get that item into their warehouse and start hyping it to retail clients. When it comes to wholesale women’sheels, tomorrow starts yesterday, and the best companies know how to literally “step up” and shape the future.


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