​How to Clear Your Wholesale Women’s Platform Shoes Deadstock

A wholesaler might have purchased women platform shoes that aren’t selling for several reasons. The major reason might be a lack of knowledge, confusion or just a communication breakdown between sales department and the purchasing department. If stock can’t be sold for several months, then it’s considered a dead stock. This is something that is common with wholesale business, especially if the purchasing and sales department can’t work in tandem. Dead stock is costly as it ties a lot of money that is supposed to be circulating in the business. Below are ways of how to clear your wholesale women’s platforms, dead stock in a flash of a second.

Discounted price

Retailers and other business establishments are always on the lookout for discount purchases to boost their stock. Even though a wholesaler might incur profit and capital losses when selling the dead platform stock at a discounted price or price lower than their initial selling price, it’s a worthwhile move as it ensures that they would recover something out of what could be lying in store. A ten or twenty percent price reduction on a wholesale price might clear the platform dead stock in a flash of a second.

Sell on credit

As a platform wholesaler and perhaps other pieces of attires too, a trader probably has some trusted retail customers who can be approached to help sell and clear the platform deadstock. Some credit facilities can be negotiated with such like retailers. So long as there are some basic terms of engagements, they can help you sell the platforms at their establishments or businesses. They may be given any credit period of some days or whichever arrangement is settled on.

Advertisement and sales promotions

Perhaps the main reason for the dismal sales in women’s platform by a wholesaler might be because the potential customers aren’t aware that a wholesaler is stocking them. Simple and cheap advertisement tools are available, especially with the new advancement in technology. Facebook, WhatsUp, Twitter forms, some of the platforms where a wholesaler women’s platform can advertise the business freely. There are other modes of advertisement which can also be used, including print media, online sales directory and audiovisual media. Conducting sales promotions can also be a way of clearing the dead stock. A wholesaler can come up with some sales formula, for example, buy ten bales and get one free. Many retailers, as well as bulk purchasers such as hotels, can easily fall for such a sales promotion.

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