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Welcome to wholesale sweater, sweatshirts & cardigans online, we offer the women's knitted clothes in the latest and hottest styles for very low price only. We work hard to bring you a amazing collection of women's sweater at lowest price only. Our fashion sweaters are available for juniors and missy size with different colors. As clothing wholesaler and manufacturer, Enewwholesale.com offers a large collection of clothes for our customer. If you're looking for new styles, fashion styles, best quality, low price, fast shipping, our website has it all.

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Black crystal embellished thin strap knitted tank top

A140722Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.75

White crew neck knitted tank top

A140721White 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $10.50

Beige sleeveless knitted tunic with net like patterns

A140720Beige 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $9.90

Rose "Los Angeles Tradition" sleeveless knitted top

A140717Rose 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.75

Black star pattern high-low net like knitted top

A140718Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $10.75

White metalic gold stars knitted tank top

A140716White 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.50

Black ombre gold stars crew neck knitted tank top

A140715Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.50

Ivory blue cross over sized knitted top

A140712Ivory 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $10.75

Black large crystal embellished knitted tunic

A140714Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $10.75

Black crystal embellished u-neck knitted tunic

A140713Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $10.75

Black daisy pattern over sized knitted top

A140709Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.90

White hexagon pattern sheer knitted top

A140710White 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.90

Black high-low sweater knit sleeveless tank

A2033-Black 6PCS:2S/2M/2L

Unit Price: $34.00   $12.00

Ivory sleeveless knitted tunic with black and gold abstract pattern

A2032-Ivory 6PCS:2S/2M/2L

Unit Price: $34.00   $12.00

Pink and black color block knitted tunic with gold details

A2017-Pink 6PCS:2S/2M/2L

Unit Price: $34.00   $10.50

Black flower patch long sleeved knitted sweater

A140702Black 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.50

White red roses long sleeved knitted sweater

A140701White 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.50

Beige open long sleeved sweater with crotchet

A140705Beige 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $11.75

White floral and pearl long sleeved knitted sweater

A140707White 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.90

Beige dream catcher sleeveless knitted tank top

A140725Beige 6PCS: 3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $10.50



The desire to buy wholesale sweaters from the fashion store can always be met with a number of pitfalls, especially in an instance where the wholesale buyer is a fast timer, or s/he is not aware of the important factors to bear in mind before buying the wholesale sweaters. Consequent upon this, the following article is going to discuss the top five choices to choosing wholesale sweaters for women online. They include:

1. The right quantity and quality

This is the first important factor to put into consideration before buying wholesale sweaters. A client should carry out an extensive research to establish whether buying large quantity is the best or buying one by one. This as a matter of fact should be determined by price. For instance, when buying one by one, the possibility of being charged high price is most probable. On the other side, buying on bulks equally has the danger of buying sweaters that are mixed up. Therefore, before spending money on the sweaters, it is imperative to research on the best move.

2. The cost of buying the wholesale sweaters

Women like buying beautiful things and clothes are no exception in this category. It is important to ensure that the fashion store selling sweaters for women online charges very friendly prices, bearing in mind that the client is also going to resell them. Therefore, such prices should meet the international standards for buying wholesale goods online.

3. Who will transport the sweaters?

This is also a very paramount parameter that a client should bear into consideration before spending money in online marketing. Quite often than not, many online shops have always recommended that the client pay for the goods either fully or halfway before delivering the goods. On many occasions, this has never gone very well with some clients as their money have always been collected by the online shops without sending them the goods. This is a wake up call for any buyer who intends to engage in online business.

4. The mode of paying for the goods

This too is another important guideline to put into consideration before buying wholesale sweaters. As a matter of fact, a client should agitate for a fair means of payment, which would see her reversing her money in any case the delivery is not aptly done.

5. Materials for making the sweaters

Last, but not least, in the event of buying wholesale sweaters via the internet, a buyer should inquire about the materials used for manufacturing the sweaters, lest the other customers who want to buy them on retail may ignore them and this may result into a loss.