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Email Address: (Reply back in less than 10 business hours) Or contact directly to the vendor (Find vendor contact information on the vendor store page) will save your time.

Phone: +1 888 926 2589 / +1 213 995 6701

Using Chat online.

Note: please include all relevant information in your email. Any emails with missing or incorrect information may delay responses. In your email, please include your name, order number or item number, and a brief description of why you are contacting us. Our trained customer service representatives will reply to your requests within 48 business hours.

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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm Pacific Time
Closed Saturday, Sundays and holidays

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800 S. Date Ave, #203

Alhambra, CA 91803


Marketing Press:

Interested in promoting a Enewwholesale product in your magazine or blog site? Let us know and one of our marketing team members will be sure to contact you for the information.

Blog Collaborations:

Greetings fellow bloggers/Fashionistas and You Tubers! Want to create some awesomeness together? Let us know if you're in need of a Enewwholesale product for your next OOTD or if you would like us to sponsor a giveaway, or maybe you've got some awesome innovative blogging ideas you want to run past us, if so please do!


We're always looking for dedicated, creative, and thoughtful people to join our team. Send us an email with a brief description of your infatuation with Enewwholesale. Be sure to attach a resume and a cover letter, don't forget to include the department of interest in the subject line.


Email us requesting a test shoot. Please be sure to include your stats and your portfolio, link, or a few photos, these should include a head shot as well as a full body photo.