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Ivory long-sleeved floral patch short top

A1450-Ivory 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.25

Grey long-sleeved floral patch short top

A1450-Grey 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.25

Black long-sleeved floral patch short top

A1450-Black 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.25

Ivory open knitted sweater with a fringed hemline

A1458-Ivory 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $13.50

Grey open knitted sweater with a fringed hemline

A1458-Grey 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $13.50

Black open knitted sweater with a fringed hemline

A1458-Black 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $13.50

Ivory plain knitted sweater with a fringed hemline

A1457-Ivory 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $13.50

Grey plain knitted sweater with a fringed hemline

A1457-Grey 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $13.50

Black plain knitted sweater with a fringed hemline

A1457-Black 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $13.50

Ivory detailed knitted short sweater

A1456-Ivory 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.90

Black detailed knitted short sweater

A1456-Black 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.90

Ivory knitted sweater with fringed trim

A1454-Ivory 6PCS:3S/M-3M/L

Unit Price:   $12.90


Enewwholesale is a online wholesale & distributor on women's fashion clothing and apparel from LA (Los Angeles, CA). We carry the best quality of wholesale women's fashion product online. You can choose the new product from more than thousands of wholesalers and manufacturers from the Los Angeles fashion district area. We bring you an large selection of women's fashion styles and the best trends available for very low price only. This includes a number of women tops, t-shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, denim jeans, pants, jackets, leggings, skirts, active wears and much cute style more! You have large selection of different kind of style like elegant, chic, sexy, casual, or trendy. The products are made in China and made in USA for juniors, missy & plus size.

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